MAY 2, 2018
The next El Gheko N.A meeting will be held May 2nd.
Bring your concerns and issues with you to this meeting.

At a Special Meeting of the El Gheko N.A.
City representatives briefed attendees of the plans
for the resurfacing of El Gheko Neighborhood streets.
As ALL El Gheko residents will be impacted

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El Gheko N.A. Motto
The City is will to post some signs (number and location unknown at this time) showing people entering our N.A. borders that they are entering the El Gheko Neighborhood Association area. The sign will have our logo (see upper left hand corner of the web page) and a Motto for which we are currently voting for.

Proposed locations for the signs would be when entering from Speedway at Caribe and Green Hills, from Broadway at Langley, and from Kolb at Kingston and Rosewood. Hopefully we can get a couple more signs, maybe for Kolb and 5th and Kolb and Paseo San Andres.

The City would like to get the Motto information ASAP and get the signs prepared.
Residents had 8 potential mottoes to chose from (see the Forum for more detail). The motto chosen by over 1/3 of the votes was "Neighbors Working Together".

By selecting a Motto, we have been able to start the process of getting some signs from the City of Tucson that will be posted in yet to be determined locations showing that people are entering the El Gheko N.A. area.

The eight choices and votes received were as follows:
(1) The Gheko is watching you! - 2 votes
(2) United for a better, safer neighborhood - 3 votes
(3) Neighbors Working Together - 7 votes
(4) United for a Better Neighborhood - 3 votes
(5) Lizards in the ‘hood - 2 votes
(6) Finding commonalities and friends - 1 vote
(7) Sharing knowledge and finding common ground - 1 vote
(8) “Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends.” JFK - 2 votes

The total vote count was twenty-one (21). Wish there would have been more, but we didn't have a lot of time to publicize the vote.
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