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El Gheko Signs
In upcoming weeks there will be five signs placed at main entrances to our Neighborhood Association Area. Originally there were only three which were the three the City will proivide to El Gheko N.A. at no cost. One will be at Caribe and Speedway, one at Kingston and Kolb and one at Langley and Broadway.

However some residents felt we should have one at Green Hills and Speedway. So a decision was made to purchase two additional signs at $195 each ($390 total). There will be one placed at Green Hills and Speedway and the one at Rosewood and Kolb.

A fund has been set up to pay for the two additional signs. Tom Wills is putting up the money up front to purchase the signs as the entire process was up against the wall, time-wise, for the signs to be purchased. It is recommended that anyone wishing to help out with defraying the $390 cost for the two additional signs send a check to:

Tom Wills
El Gheko President
6925 East Kingston Drive
Tucson, AZ 85710-2214

For the reasoning about the placement of the signs, See the thread "Placement of El Gheko Signs" at
I was contacted by the City of Tucson on July 1st that the signs are ready and will be installed. There is no set date for this to happen.
Apparently this Monday, July 11th (or even last Friday), the five signs were installed. They are very nice looking signs. I need to take a picture of one and post it into this forum for everyone to see.
Here is a picture of the El Gheko Neighborhood Association sign. This one is located on Rosewood Street at Kolb Road. They sure are nice looking signs. Smile



As of November 30, 1969 the entire $390.00 amount has been collected. Thank you to all who contributed to this effort. This is indeed a good example of "NEIGHBORS WORKING TOGETHER".
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