It was voted on and approved that the Officer Elections
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Started: 01/25/2017
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December 21 2017
We wish everyone a very Happy and Blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year! Santa

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El Gheko Neighborhood Association » Welcome to the El Gheko Community Forum » Announcements
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Placement of El Gheko Signs
There was a question about how the vote for the placement of the El Gheko Neighborhhod signs went. First of all, there was no vote as the City chose the first three locations and then we purchased two additional signs as requested by some El Gheko residents.

For those who are wondering why these locations were chosen. look at a map of our neighborhood by clicking on "About El Gheko" Under "Main" in the Navigation column of the home page.

  1. The Kingston-Langley corridor runs from the East boundary to the South boundary of our Neighborhood Association.
  2. North Caribe Avenue runs from our North boundary to East Kingston Drive.
  3. North Green Hills Avenue runs from the North Boundary (we only have two North entrances) to East Kingston Drive.
  4. East Rosewood Street goes from our East boundary to the Rosehill Wash (our West boundary) if the connection with Rosewood Circle is added in.
  5. All the East-West streets North of East Kingston Drive (with the exception of East Rosewood Street) only connect to North Green Hills Avenue. The East West streets South of East Kingston Drive run into Paseo San Andres which runs into North Langley Avenue.

That is why the five sign placement locations were chosen.
Here is the map that was sent to the City regarding placement of the N.A. signs. I am not sure why they wanted it except for the request for the two additional signs at Rosewood Street and Green Hills Ave. Click on the image below to get a larger view of it.

You can also see how the traffic flow apparently helped determine why the City chose the three they liked and why we added the additional two signs.

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