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Personal Safety Tips
Personal Safety Tips

From Community Service Officer Teresa Hayward of the Tucson Police Department

Hi Folks,
Someone asked that I post some safety tips. This is what I hand out at my apartment complex meetings. They are just a few of many, but I hope this helps:

Personal Safety Tips

Always walk with authority, displaying an air of confidence and purpose of destination. Always be alert to your surroundings.
What to Avoid While out Walking/Exercising
รข??ยข Walking alone, if possible.
รข??ยข Listening to loud music while wearing earphones.
รข??ยข Dangling your purse.
รข??ยข Displaying jewelry.
รข??ยข Heavily overgrown areas (trees, weeds, shrubbery, etc.).
รข??ยข Dark doorways, hallways, and parking lots.
รข??ยข Alleys and little traveled/under lit side streets.
รข??ยข Deserted parks and wooded areas, vacant lots and buildings.
รข??ยข Warehouse and industrial areas.
รข??ยข High crime rate areas.

Approaching Your Car

รข??ยข Have keys ready before approaching your car.
รข??ยข Look inside car before getting in; checking front and rear seat areas for intruder.
รข??ยข Lock doors immediately upon entering (even before placing key in ignition).

While Driving

รข??ยข Keep all doors locked.
รข??ยข Keep windows rolled up, if possible.
รข??ยข Never pick up hitchhikers.
รข??ยข Be extremely cautious about stopping to render assistance in what appears to be emergency situations.
รข??ยข Be alert to being followed by another vehicle.
รข??ยข Relinquish only your car key to parking lot attendants, carwash attendants, etc. Always retain custody of house keys.

While Alone At Home

รข??ยข Be highly selective in whom you admit.
รข??ยข Require identification of repairmen, servicemen, etc.
รข??ยข Do not allow entry if claiming to be repairman, serviceman, etc. and are not expected.
รข??ยข Do not let phone caller know you are home alone.
รข??ยข Keep doors and windows locked.
รข??ยข Keep shades/drapes drawn after dark.

Please say safe!!
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