It was voted on and approved that the Officer Elections
be moved to the February meetings and that the By Laws be
updated accordingly. Please plan on attending this
important meeting.
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December 21 2017
We wish everyone a very Happy and Blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year! Santa

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El Gheko Neighborhood Association » Welcome to the El Gheko Community Forum » Announcements
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February 2017 meeting information
Our November 2016 meeting time was too short to conduct normal business and to have the great presentation by the Tucson Police Department's Financial Crimes Unit. That subject, Scams,& Cons and how to protect yourself, was of such great interest that it took up the entire allotted time.

For the February 2017 meeting, we ill have the Financial Crimes Unit back to cover the subject of ID theft prevention, detection and recovery. In order to conduct N.A. business, such as Officer Elections and general topics/Q&A, plus the presentation, a 90 minute meeting time does not seem to be adequate to accomplish this.

If we hold the meeting at Hudlow School, we will only have 90 minutes to do everything we want to accomplish. However, if we move this meeting to the Ward 2 Office/Eastside City Hall and start at 6:00, we can stay there much longer than 90 minutes. The presentation will take at least one hour, plus any questions that will come up.

This is the 1st time we have run into this situation. I would like opinions on moving this one meeting to the Ward 2 Office Building at 7575 East Speedway. Please email me at or on the El Gheko email server for general viewing by all El Gheko residents who are subscribed to the server.
I have been in contact with the Hudlow School Principal, Cheri LaRochelle, on being able to start our February 1st meeting at 5:15 PM instead of the normal 6:15 PM. This will allow for a business meeting and the Tucson Police Department's Financial Crimes Unit presentation of "ID Theft and how to Protect Yourself".

The proposed agenda will be as follows:

  1. Call Meeting to Order
  2. Reading of Minutes
  3. Election of Officers for the 2016/2017 year
  4. TPD Presentation on ID Theft and related subject material
  5. Discussions (Time Permitting):
    • Caribe Pool
    • 911 Calls
    • Independent Police Auditor
  6. Adjourn Meeting

Edited by administrator on January 06 2017
Starting with the November 2016 meeting there will be two different sign-in sheets. The first one will be for attendees who are attending for the first time or if their name is not on the second sign-in sheet.

That second sign-in sheet will list in alphabetical order those who have attended meeting(s) in the past. The information listed on that sheet will be your name and address. If that information is correct, just place a check-mark in the "Information Correct?" column. If your information is not correct, please enter in the correct information. If your phone number and/or email address has changed, please enter ii on the reverse side with your name.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. It is important to have this information for our records.
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