It was voted on and approved that the Officer Elections
be moved to the February meetings and that the By Laws be
updated accordingly. Please plan on attending this
important meeting.
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Started: 01/25/2017
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December 21 2017
We wish everyone a very Happy and Blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year! Santa

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Crimes in El Gheko Neighborhood Area
I received the following message from Captain Joseph Puglia of TPD District 4. This is in regard to the crime activity in the El Gheko N.A. area.

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding the concerns brought forward by the residents of the El Gheko Neighborhood. Sgt. Williams will be reaching out to our patrol squads to work on increasing our presence. I have also directed my staff to run the numbers so we can take a hard look at what is being reported. I will make sure we have a representative from the Division at the next meeting to not only present this information but to discuss how we can work together to enhance the quality of life for the neighborhood. Additionally, I would like to revisit the idea of getting Neighborhood Watch programs set up throughout the El Gheko area. These are a very effective way of getting information to our officers.

Captain Joseph Puglia

Like I have stated before, the officers on extra patrols in our area would be very lucky to be here when a crime is in progress. However extra patrols will hopefully discourage anyone who would consider a burglary or other crime from committing the crime.

My thanks goes out to Captain Puglia for his response to the current situation here. We have been a really safe place to live until this latest crime spree. Hopefully we can get back to this way of life really soon.

Tom Wills
Edited by administrator on July 06 2017
One thing that is needed are Neighborhood Watches, ACTIVE Neighborhood Watches. Currently I see several areas that have Neighborhood Watch signs, but are these areas really active? Just having Neighborhood Signs posted doesn't make for a neighborhood watching out for each other.

I am not sure what is involved with the making of an ACTIVE Neighborhood Watch, but as I understand some of what is needed is annual (?) meetings of those who live in the area.

Let's get more ACTIVE Neighborhood Watch areas in the El Gheko Neighborhood Association area!
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