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2018 Street Resurfacing
For those who did not attend the March 28th Special Meeting with representatives from the City of Tucson's Department of Transportation regarding the resurfacing of out neighborhood streets, the following is MUST reading.

Beginning on April 1st and finishing up on or before June 30th at the latest the City of Tucson will be resurfacing the streets in the El Gheko Neighborhood Association area. These dates are flexible except for the ending date which is when the contract expires.

Attached to this are two PDF files, a letter from the City of Tucson's Department of Transportation (PDF version) and the handouts from the March Special Meeting (PDF version). The first page is the "EL GHEKO RESIDENTIAL PACKAGE No. 3 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)" sheet. Please read that page before asking any questions.

The next four pages are the "Prop 409 Residential Treatment Steps". Those steps briefly are as follows:

1) Existing Conditions: A very simplified diagram of a street cross-section with a crack.

2) Step 1: Micro Mill: The top surface will be Milled down a very small amount to smooth our the existing road surface prior to the chip sealing process;

3) Step 2: Potentially Exposes Larger Cracks: If and when larger cracks or pot holes are exposed, they will be dealt with before continuing on with the chip sealing steps;

4) Steps 3 through 5: This is the chip sealing process. The process is applying a special oil followed by a layer of "chips" from larger chips to the smaller 3/8 inch chips interspersed with more of the special oil;

5) Step 6: Fog Seal: This is the final step in the street resurfacing process.

Prior to your street being resurfaced, the contractor will notify residents via door hangers a week in advance. During the resurfacing (will take about a week). Be aware that you may not be able to move you car from your driveway for short periods of time. You would advised during these times to park you vehicle around the corner on adjacent streets.

This process will keep the streets in a good condition for at least fifteen (15) years.

If you have any questions of problems, please contact Tom Wills, El Gheko President, at President@ElGheko.US.
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